Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Why it’s easy to not eat meat here


Meat market

This is where one buys meat from in Bangladesh. Or if you’re in Dhaka, there are some supermarkets where you can get it packaged and in fridges, but you’d probably be fooling yourself if you thought it didn’t all originate from such a place as pictured above. I play this exact same pretend game with the fish I eat…it couldn’t possibly have come from the same hot, smelly, fly infested fish market I’ve just walked past…

Anyway, in this meat stall I personally like the hooves best. Not sure if you can make it out in the pic, so let me enlarge it for you:


I can almost picture a pair of the trotters slipping on the flip flops and going for a wonder around the sights of the meat market.

Unfortunately, this meat stall has no head on display. Often, there is a cow’s head on the table too. Lobbed off at the neck, fully in tact and untouched. Hair, eyes, ears, tongue – the whole shabang staring back at you. Which is always fun to see…


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