Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Doctor Doctor

Can’t you see I’m burning, burning…

(It’s a song. From the 80s, Thompson Twins I believe)

Yesterday I went to a Bangladeshi doctor for the first time. Visit was on account of my ongoing tiredness, dizziness and sometimes accompanied nausea. I was pretty sure it was my blood pressure, as it tends to be low. But just wanted to get it checked out, and ruled out for any further concern.

After explaining my dizziness to my colleagues they insisted on a visit to the doctor. Well, first, it took some doing to explain what dizziness is. Lots of pointing at my head, making wave movements with my hands and making ‘whoooooo’ sounds while swaying. Seemed to have done the trick.

A colleague has an aunt who is a doctor, so she insisted on taking me. Good thing too, as I then didn’t have to perform the whole ‘whoooo’ drama again to explain my symptoms. So my blood pressure is low, and I’ve been told that take oral re-hydration solution twice a day, and some other medication. Already bought the ORS, but have whimped out on the other mediation. Going to phone it through to the doctor us VSO’ers use in Dhaka first. Just to check. Not that I think the doctor here would prescribe bad stuff, but I get the feeling that over-medication tends to happen a lot here in Bangers. When any VSO’ers end up in hospital (Apollo in Dhaka) they tend to stay in for weeks, and are prodded, examined, and blood-sampled to within an inch of their lives.

In other VSO health news: 3 Dhaka based volunteers have had Dengue Fever in the 6 months I’ve been here. Dengue is contracted through mosquitos, and does NOT sound fun. And two volunteers have had their appendixes removed. A popular operation over here?



  Amanda wrote @

Pregnant maybe ??? Sounds A LOT like morning sickness 🙂 xxx

I could ask Rachel and Nickf ro their opinion. What did Doc prescribe ??

  estellevisagie wrote @

Hmm, pregnant? Highly unlikely. Unless by immaculate conception. Or wind pollination maybe?

Local doc prescribed Cinaron (Cinnarizine), which is for dizziness, vertigo etc. Spoke to VSO doc who suggested better diet (apparently 1/2 tin of condensed milk is not a well balanced dinner…) and ORS for a week or two first. Feeling better already. xxx

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