Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Lessons learnt

Lessons learnt from workshop-ette today:

1. Do not run a workshop from 3-5pm in Bangladesh. It will NOT start on time. It will start (as today) 1 hour late. You know this Estelle, you KNOW this. 5pm is home time, and when people start getting ansy and wanna leave.

2. Prepare for a power cut. Obviously. I have long since given up on the idea of using PowerPoint in workshops/presentations. There WILL be a power cut. Laptop can handle this, but projector can’t. I’m all about whiteboards and flip charts now. Oh, and PowerPoint print outs.

3. Prepare for a thunderstorm. Which means shouting above the noise of thunder, lightning and torrential rain. And being in almost-darkness, as the power is out (obviously) and the sky is so dark it looks like night.

3. Don’t get tooo upset when people flagrantly ignore the ‘no mobile phones’ rule. Because you know they will. You KNOW they will. Don’t get irritated/annoyed and don’t get screechy/shrill when reminding them of the rule.

Other than that, it went well. It went really quite well actually. Slow start, but had people writing SMART objectives by the end of it.

Totally off the topic, here’s a pic of the group of us who met up in Bandraban. Check out those ensembles! Not sure any one of us would put such rich colour combinations all into one outfit in our home countries. But here in Bangers it’s the look de jour.

The Girls 2

Here’s another one of me during the trek. Why the FUCK was I still wearing my orna*? It was 30+ degrees, humid as hell and we’re scrambling through the jungle, barefoot, covered in sweat and mud. And I’m still wearing my orna. What has Bangladesh done to me??

why the orna

That was the  bridge Laura fell off. She was re-enacting the balancing/dancing log scene from Dirty Dancing. She went all Baby and fell off.

* Orna: Piece of cloth, draped across the chest and over both shoulders. To disguise the breasts. And, in my case, to act as a conveniently located sweat rag. Sweat rag usage is not restricted to trekking days, it’s for every day.


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