Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Weirdo* in a graveyard

After driving past an amazing looking graveyard here in Rangamati quite a few times, this morning I eventually headed out there with my camera. I have a bit of a thing for graveyards. Not a THING thing, but I like them. They are so peaceful and wondering around them is just so calming and somehow magical. Only pre-req is they must be old and well worn. Weathered tombstones where you can barely, if at all, read the inscription, crumbling steps, slightly overgrown vegetation, and preferably no one else actually visiting the graves.

And this particular graveyard as a real stunner. Perhaps one of my favourites now. Not that I have a top 10 of graveyards, but Richmond, Surrey in England used to be my favourite. Oh, and one in Whitby, Yorkshire.  Ok, maybe I am just a bit weird…

Everything was covered in almost luminous moss, and the whole place just glowed.




I did ask for permission before I started taking photos. The old man I assume to be the graveyard keeper-man had no issues. He then took me over to a new-ish, empty grave to tell me that this one was his. I can’t quite describe the moment, or the look on his face as he stared thoughtfully at his grave.


Then the kiddies bounded over, as they do when they spot a foreigner with a camera. Or actually foreigner sans camera will also do. Amazing little munchins who basked in the impromptu photo shoot.



This place was an absolute photography dream for me.

* Me

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