Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

My bottom line

I’ve been sans internet connection for 3 days. Disaster.

I opted for the smaller internet package option this month, as I had overspent on my measly allowance. I know, how exactly does a girl overspend in the arse end of nowhere? By being lovely and ordering handbags and dressing growns for some fellow volunteers, as requested. Had to pay up front, which in my normal world of cash points on every corner, doesn’t make me think twice.

But here, where the nearest cash point is a hellish 2.5 hour bus trip away, it’s an issue. Ran out of interweb bandwidth a few days ago (too much uploading of photos) and thought I could soldier on until payday, which is 1st Novemeber or (more likely) at least on one of the days within the month of November.

There is an internet connection at work, but I have use one of the office PCs. Of which there are 4, and it ALWAYS involves me having to ask someone to vacate the PC so I can check my mail. This does not make me feel good. This has severely impacted my blogging/checking of email/Facebooking/knowing what’s going on in the word/Googling important things such as ‘do chillies freeze well’ and ‘correct spelling learnt or learned’*

What did volunteers DO before the internet? Write letters? Not discover which is was right, ‘learnt’ or ‘learned’? Oh the horror. God we’re so lucky these days. And what do volunteers do *shudder* without laptops? And DVDs? Eish. Read books? Paint? Learn the local language? (last one as an insider joke, because clearly my grasp of the local language suuuucks)

So moral of the oral, I asked for a salary advance to buy me some interwebbing action. Oh the shame. Turns out the internet is my volunteering bottom line.

* ‘learnt’ is British English, ‘learned’ is American English. Did you know that?



  amanda wrote @

Dude – makes me think of how I communicated with home in 1990 in Israel. Well I wrote every day, on aerogram paper (yup, I too had almost forgotten what that was) . And phoned reverse charges on a tickey box that everyone queued to use. Blimey. How DID I cope ? Oh, and the English newspapers came once a week.

  estellevisagie wrote @

I had (almost) completely forgot about you, the kibbutz, and those letters on very thin blue paper! Wow. And tickey boxes. Remember when Lisa was in the US, and she used to phone reverse charges to a tickey box in CT, and no one had to pay for the call! Ah the days before the interweb. Guess I am very spoilt here.

  amanda wrote @

Now I HAD forgotten about that tickey box and the free calls. So I wonder where those calls were charged too, some poor bugger going “whose called the States” ???

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