Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


My recent dizziness and nausea seems to have disappeared. Only to be replaced by a common cold. Well, and my stomach does still feel weird, and nausea isn’t the best way to describe it some days. It’s rather like I’ve done too many sit ups (impossible, unless I do them in my sleep), or bit like period pain (only higher up), or like I’ve eaten too much. Google searches today have included ‘what does a stomach ulcer feel like’. When on your own, in the arse end of nowhere, an internet connection can be a good AND a bad thing.

I’m sitting in my bed, surrounded by tissues. Feeling terrible. And feeling sorry for myself. But at least it’s not scorching hot, like the last time I had a cold. Now that was unpleasant. Today, according to Google (isn’t everything?) has a max of 32 degrees. Which might sound hot, and probably is, but I’ve been here for long enough to see this as a relatively cool day. And the nights are much cooler now too, all the way in the low 20’s, which is something very special.

Wish I could spend all day in bed, but have to haul my arse out for a session I’m running at 3pm. And do prep for a session tomorrow at 12, and a WHOLE DAY session I’m running on Friday. It’s freaky doing this all on my own, I’m fraught with questions of ‘will the activities work’, ‘will people just stare blankly back at me’ and ‘will anyone learn anything’. Eish. The participatory session I ran on Monday went very well, and it’s all down to the activities. If those bomb, then I expect I’m dead in the water. A whole day is a looong time to be dead in the water.

But we live and learn. Let’s see if I live.

Was flicking through my photos this morning, and this series (all taken within about 15 seconds) made my smile:








  Glenn wrote @

Hey, Estelle,

Just found your blog. Great pictures! Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. If you ever need a break from Rangamati, you’re always welcome to come for a visit to Chittagong, where the fun never ends. After all, we have a Pizza Hut and……well, that’s about it. Anyway, if you need some reassurance that things could be worse, check out my blog and read about our bus ride to Cox’s Bazar. The blog can be found at: Good luck with your work sessions!



  estellevisagie wrote @

Hey there Glenn! I keep planning a trip to Chittagong but something always comes up here on weekends. We must meet for pizza soon though. Will check out your blog, you and Kristel are so good at getting out and seeing the sights of Bangladesh. x

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