Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Old school

Doing final preparation for the tomorrow session tonight. Which involves writing my ‘presentation slides’ on large flip chart papers. It’s all old school here in The Hills. Well, really they are just pre-cut pieces of brown paper, that I’ll then use masking tape to stick onto the walls, whiteboard etc. Tonight’s challenge has been drawing circles. I’m using something called the 3 circle model as a framework with which to understand organisations, and drawing circles freehand ain’t my thing. I’ve tried various pieces of household equipment to  try get the right size circles. Finally the cover of my straw laundry basket has proved the right size. Other challenges include spelling mistakes (no backspace on brown paper), writing in a straight line, marker pens running dry and electricity cuts.

The new hurricane lamp I exchanged for my 1000th broken one isn’t working. And hasn’t worked since I brought it home from the shop. I just haven’t had the emotional energy to go through another exchange. So for me, lights out really mean lights out. I have two candles and a torch, which aren’t conducive to brown paper writing. So I’m waiting out the intermittent power cuts by watch episodes of 30Rock, before resuming my brown paper writing as soon as the electricity comes back on.

Ooh. Lights just come back on again. Best I get back on the floor and continue. Must stop making spelling mistakes as I’m now also starting to run out of brown paper. Damn.


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