Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Killer stairs

So yesterday was the impromptu decision to walk up the highest peak in Rangamati. We arrive at the bottom, I look up and think ‘what was I thinking?’. Literally just as we start our walking, a jeep bumbles along beside us and offers us a lift. God must have been watching (I was with a monk after all). God saw this disaster that was about to happen, and She sent me a jeep. Because sweet bejesus only knows how long it would have taken me to get to the top. Ok, there is a (brick) road to walk up so it’s not exactly jungle climbing, but it took us 1/2 hour in a jeep, most of it spent in 1st gear.

When we arrived at the top, we walked up the final bit to reach the temple at the top. A long, very steep set of stairs. 382 stairs in fact (someone else counted). I did the whole ‘I’m just taking some photos’ ploy to stop half way.


382 very steep steps

We did however to decide to walk down the peak. Well the monk decided and I didn’t want to be a complete loser and suggest we try flag down another passing car. As it turned out, the walk down was great. I had jelly legs at the end of it, but I expect the walk down is much easier than the walk up.

And today is Moanoghar’s temple’s festival day. Can’t say for sure what the festival is about, but it’s been going on since about 5am. Lots of praying, chanting and some talks on Buddhism.



The monks, ready to talk about monk stuff


My little neighbour, trying to make as much noise as is humanly possible

And tonight there is a cultural programme. Or something in a nearby field that involves singing, dancing and gambling. That carries on all night. Or so I’m told.


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