Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

All night long

So it WAS an all night party last night! I was highly sceptical, as Bangladeshi are prone to hyperbole. So by ‘all night’ I guessed they meant until about midnight-ish.

Well, not last night. In the field opposite, there was I guess what we would describe as a fete. Lots of food stall, tea stalls and games.


The 'gambling'

Soap was a popular (the only) prize.

There was a cultural programme, lots of Chakma dancing and singing.

dancing chakma 2

The official dancing

There were looots of people, and even the odd impromptu dancing circles. Felt like I was back in Soho for a fleeting moment.

At midnight, a Bangla drama production was scheduled to start on the stage. And the entire night’s entertainment scheduled to finish at 6am. So really, it was an actual all night event. I made it until about 11:30pm then called it a night.

On Wednesday and Thursday is the main temple of Rangamati’s festival. Which is the big one, where apparently thousands of people from all over the CHT descend upon our town. Apparently. On the Wednesday evening there is all night weaving, where local women weave cloth for the monks’ new robes. Two other VSO volunteers are coming to stay with me to check this festival out. Which means I need to tidy my room from the currently still visible Standard 3 project explosion.

P.S. Spent most of the morning trying to figure out iMovie on my Mac, to get the video the right way up and then post onto YouTube. Looks like lots of fun things can be done with iMovie, let’s see if my motivation extends past this first clip.


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