Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Last night, for the first time…

… I slept without my fan on.

This is exciting news, as I am now getting a little chilly at night with it on. Chilly…aka cold! It’s been a long 7.5 months during which I had ceased to remember that there was such a sensation as cold. God it’s nice.

The night before last (prior to inaugural night sans fan), I got up in the middle of the night to look for a jumper to put on. Clearly I had forgotten where I was. A jumper? I don’t own one here. Not even one. I own nothing with long sleeves.

The weather has now settled down nicely into what I would liken to a Cape Town summer. Hot during the day, 30+ degrees, but a nice dry heat. And at night, chilly enough to warrant the need for  a cardi(gan) or a pash(mina). I don’t know if this is officially winter now, or if it gets even (shock, horror) colder. Either way, I likey. I likey a lot.


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