Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

On route

So I’m currently on route to Dhaka. Literally. I’m typing this on the bus. Have I mentioned how much I love my mobile internet lately?

But the only reason my laptop is on, is because I managed to cock up my iPod last night. I imported a compilation CD of A.R. Rahman (the guy who won the best music Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire). I didn’t want to do a full synch of my iPod as as I’ve recently liberated some cool music from other vol’s iPod’s straight to my iPod. And as we we all know a full synch wipes out all music that isn’t in your iTunes. So I just synch’d the A.R. Rahman CD. I thought I was being very smart.

Until I got on the bus this morning, to find ONLY A.R. Rahman on my iPod. Aaaaaarse. At the star of a 10 hour bus trip, this is not good news. And at the start of a 10 hour bus journey during which you will be constantly subjected to hideously loud Bangla music and/or some type of reading-singing combination from the Qur’an, this is especially not good news. I like A.R. Raham and all, but not for 10 hours while I try block out the in-house bus music. Hence laptop is on while I re-synch all my music. Except obviously the stolen music, which is now forever lost.

And clearly I’m not on a local bus, I changed at Chittagong for a plusher, more expensive bus. No way I’vdhave my laptop on on one of the other buses. Having a laptop bouncing around, while on, it not a good idea. But in the interests of laptop safety I’ll be switching off now anyway. God forbid something happened to my most prized possession.


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