Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Results are in

From the blood test.

I am not anaemic. But it’s nice to know that despite this, I still manage to pull off the much coveted ‘anaemic look’. But apparently this look is very Rangamati AW 2009-10 (thanks for that Julie, that honestly made me laugh out loud).

But my ESR is high.

Yes, exactly. My what? Google to the rescue and it stands for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. A non-specific marker of inflammation. Non-specific because it doesn’t tell the doctor where the inflammation is, or what is causing it.

So next up is a retest. Hopefully here in Rangamati. My ESR could very happily have gone down on it’s own apparently, and another test will show if this is the case. I do feel a LOT better, but then I don’t really know what non-specific inflammation feels like. Per se.

So Saturday is a trip to a local doctor and/or lab to see if the test can be done here. Most fortunately I have someone who will come with me, to be my very able translator and to make sense of the chaotic experience that I very much expect it will be.

P.S. Is it weird that I am somewhat comforted that the blood test shows something is (was) not quite right? I don’t actually want to be ill, or have something shitty, but I do want to know that SOMETHING was wrong when I was feeling rough. Now I don’t feel quite so much like a paranoid hypochondriac foreigner anymore. And now obviously I don’t want anything wrong with me.


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