Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

My new BFF*

I’ve been unexpected invited to spend my upcoming time in Dhaka with an ‘online friend’, who lives in Gulshan. The posh neighbourhood. Ok, posh houses but outside the gates it’s pretty much just plain all Dhaka. I’ve read someone once say that the poshness of Gulshan isn’t visible to the naked eye. Which is true. You can run, but you can’t hide from Dhaka.

So Miss J has invited me to stay. Yay. We read each other blogs, have emailed a few times, but never met. This sounds like a pre-amble to an internet date doesn’t it? Well it’s not. I liken it more to couch-surfing. We actually do know each kinda quite well now (or it feels that way anyway), after reading each other’s rants and raves about good ol’ Bangladesh. It’s a close tie on who bitches more about this country, me or Miss J. (Note to self: stop moaning so much on this blog)

Anyway, I’m tremendously excited. One, I’ll be staying in nice digs, and two I’ll be meeting people outside of the VSO circle-moan. It’s not that I don’t get on very well with most volunteers, but it’s like spending all of your social time outside of work with your work colleagues. Conversations inevitably veer towards VSO, and particularly the negative aspects. There are of course also positive aspects, and as per above note to self, will try focus more on these in future. But mostly, we as a group like to moan about the bad stuff. And I include myself in this. Obviously. And as is evident from this blog (though I do mostly keep VSO related moans off the written page). Anyway, so a little time apart is good sometimes. I’ll still be ‘slumming it’ down in Lalmatia and surrounds during the day, as will go into the office and expect at least one drinking sesh with some VSO’ers. Eish, am I feeling a bit guilty about spending time away from the ‘family’? Surely not.

* TBC. Pending actually meeting her.


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