Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

White wine hangovers

Are not fun.

But last night, doing the ground work for today’s hangover, was fun. I’d forgotten how much I do love a glass on white wine. But fark, it’s expensive here. 200 taka for a small glass of wine. That £2. For 125ml of semi-decent wine. That’s practically London prices. But without the added benefit of being able to throw yourself around a dance floor after too much of the stuff. Dhaka is not known for its nightlife. We ended up at the Australian club, in which there was one Australian, and about 6 other people. Including the bar staff. Not exactly rip roaring. But there you go.

Caught a rickshaw back to Gulshan One with 2 other volunteers, before they had to then do the whole finding of a CNG at 2am, that is willing to go across to Lalmatia, for under 500 taka, and who won’t fall asleep at the ‘wheel’ (handlebars?). So that was 3 people on a rickshaw, after too much wine. How we all stayed on is unclear. For those of you unaware, 3 on a rickshaw looks like this:

(Photo for illustration purposes only. Not of last night’s rickshaw-accident-waiting-to-happen, but a previous rickshaw-accident-waiting-to-happen during summer. Hence all the sweaty faces.)

The third person at the back sits on the small wooden ledge of the backrest. It’s forking uncomfortable, especially over the numerous bumps and potholes of Dhaka streets. But last night, our person on the back somehow managed to fall asleep. Full on asleep, with snoring and everything. If you’ve ever been 3 on a rickshaw, you’ll understand that the rules of physics, the universe and whatever else, have to be suspended for this to actually work, without sleeping person falling out/off. Our person on the back somehow managed to fashion a little cradle for herself in the pushed back shade/cover bit and get a good kip on the journey. Quite amazing really.

Right then. Today is shopping day. I want to check out some ceramics, and also some Christmas fair/handy craft sale things. Not ideal on a hangover. But after staying in J’s lovely flat I’m all fired up to get some nice stuff to send back home. J bought an amazing Ralph Lauren dinner service set for 5,500 taka. That’s only £50, for a 6 (or it is 8?) setting, bona fide Ralph Lauren dinner service set. I simply must get me one of those.


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