Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

So Bangladesh does get cold

While incessantly bitching about the heat for most of my time here, I made a little promise to myself that I would never moan about being cold again. Ever. Cold must be the best feeling in the world, after sooo much heat and sweat.

So I won’t moan about being cold. Well, it’s not really that cold, in the big London-in-February scheme of things. Or other places much, much colder than England. It’s still nice and warm during the day here (warm, not sweltering = loving it), but it’s getting pretty chilly at night now, especially in a house that has massive gaps under doors, around shutters (of windows that have no glass in them) and is just generally not insulated. At all. It certainly doesn’t help that I don’t own a single thing with long sleeves, and that I have no hot water in my house. Since I came back from Dhaka, it’s officially become too cold for cold showers. Most of the time during summer I felt the cold water wasn’t cold enough. But now in (almost) winter it’s plenty cold. Thank you very much. I have been putting off the whole boil-water-for-a-warm-bucket-shower-in-the-mornings for quite a while now, but after yesterday morning’s freeze-fest, it’s officially time for me to start doing just that.

But today is Eid, so I officially don’t have to get up or be anywhere anytime soon. Luke warm bucket shower can wait. Tonight I’m eventually meeting up with the other foreigner in town, who, somehow in my 7 months here, I have never met, bumped into or even seen on the streets. I also really do need to go shopping for winter-like things today, such as a decent blanket, something with long sleeves, and perhaps a shawl of two, but being Eid I expect not much is open.

Also I must take some pics of the winter fashions here in Bangladesh. In Sirajganj I could easily have got confused and thought I’d ended up somewhere else, somewhere else REALLY cold. Everyone at the local tea shop was draped in blankets (well the men were, no women to be seen out on the streets up there), with scarves wrapped around their heads, including lengthways around the face and under the chin. Like cartoon characters with toothache, as Julie described. While I was sitting there in my short sleeve salwar kameez. I guess for bodies acclimatised for such extreme heat in summer, it’s the (very short) winter months that they find the hardest. AND I saw goats dressed in shorts and tee shirts. Seriously. Honestly. Potentially one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I must try get a photo of such dressed up goats, there are bound to be some here in The Hills. Must keep them goats warm.


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