Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Missing the Silly Season

I love, love, love the run up to Christmas in London. It all just feels so right. The end of another long and hard work year. It’s dark and cold outside, so drinking at 4pm is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged. The Christmas lights start going up around town. Starbucks has a special Christmas drink, and special Christmas cups. Christmas tree shopping. And decorating. Everyone is out, having a good time. Laughing, dancing, singing (ok, and drunk). London in the silly season really is a special place for me. It’s all so magical. Until of course you wake up on the 2nd Jan, with the shine and sparkle of Christmas and the New Year already well and truly faded, and you’re staring down the barrel a loooong dark January and February, suffering from silly season overindulgence (in the eating, drinking AND credit card departments)

But, prior all the new year gloom, doom and depression, the silly season in London rocks.

Here, the silly season doesn’t exist. I could easily just miss Christmas all together and not even realise it. And yes, I know I’m in a Muslim country and yes, I knew Christmas won’t even hit the radar here. But I guess I under-estimated how much I love this time of year. Here it’s just all so… nothing. It makes my heart a little sad.

And now the question is just WHAT to do for said Christmas and New Year. A lot of volunteers are going home for the holidays (I’m expecting significant weight increases as they hit the booze and gorge on not-available-here-food, if they are anything like me…). I might stay here in The Hills, but head down to Bandarban with a friend. It will be nice to do something to mark the occasion, maybe a roast dinner. And then maybe get drunk, then have a fight that ends in tears. I mean, that’s a typical Christmas day right? As for NYE, hmmm. Potentially in Dhaka. I’m thinking of spending the week up there for a short, sharp, concerted and focused shopping frenzy. I worry I’ll run out of time to fill the 2 cubic meters of shipping space I’m going to be buying. Well, if nothing else, a mad dash around the shops will recreate some of the Christmas feeling for me.



  Julie wrote @

Suddenly the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street seems so civilised. Sigh. It won’t be Selfridges but I feel you’ll get just as much satisfaction from the paper bags you’ll be carrying around Dhaka streets as soon as possible. Although it should be pointed out that I am definitely in the “Estelle should go to the Sundarbans for the silly season” camp, which consists only of me at this point in time, but I am starting a movement. Do it.

  estellevisagie wrote @

Hee hee, a movement of one. But I might also join your movement soon myself. I mean, it’s the one thing I really should do here. Besides shopping…

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