Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Repeat Abort stop

Holiday plans in disarray due to f&*$%^^ Bangladeshi visa people. Impossible to get tourist visa once INSIDE Bangladesh.

So Laura has to leave Bangladesh, to come back in as a tourist. Which means screw St Martin’s, we’re going to India instead! Calcutta to be precise. Oh what fun. In the words of Laura, from an email she sent me to convince me to go with her:

– Calcutta has lots of silver jewellary
– It has bars
– Things in India are a lot cheaper
– Rum is about £2 a bottle
– We will have lots of fun
– There is a lovely fabric shop called weavers studio
– FAB INDIA – OH MY GOD how could I forget FabIndia!!!

Not that I needed much convincing. At all. For all of the above reasons, and more.

Now the drama to get visas for India starts. As we know I am about 10 hours from Dhaka and the Indian High Commission, who are notoriously difficult and full of vile people who make getting a tourist visa for India almost as difficult as getting a tourist visa for Bangladesh. Luckily my passport is in Dhaka, so I can let Laura deal with this new visa trauma. Only problem is passport photos for me. But there must be a way I can take my own, put them on my lovely Mac, make them into official passport sizes and email them to Laura to submit with my application form. It must be possible, it’s almost 2010. Google at the ready…

PS Any and all help on just how to get the best, and fastest, out of the Indian High Commission will be greatly appreciated.

Updated to add: Arse. I don’t think Laura can apply for an India visa on my behalf. AND we need to get ‘change of route’ permission from some Bangladesh Department of Whatever. We arrived in Bangladesh by air (plane) and will leave by land (bus). Apparently this is not ok to do without someone, somewhere signing something to say it is ok. There are clear and present dangers to the advancement of Bangladesh – one of which is this bureaucratic bun fight to get anything visa related done.


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