Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Christmas: Cancelled

Christ (yes you) it’s been a nightmare over the last few days… holiday plan wise.

India is a no go as it takes 6 days to apply for a visa, which you have to do in person, in Dhaka . If I did apply, I’d obviously only get the visa after New Year. And since I’m leaving Bangers in April, to travel through India for a few weeks, before heading back to London (and the finally onto South Africa), to go to all the hassle for a random mid-January holiday in Calcutta would just be silly. If it was possible, visa wise, to do NYE in Calcutta, then definitely a good idea. Otherwise it’s probably just a waste of time, money and visa-office-tears.

Bandarban is now also off the cards for Christmas (which is tomorrow, Estelle, tomorrow. Try not to forget). Laura is in full visa melt down, and heading aaaallll the way to The Hills for a few days is, again, just silly. While it would have been nice, it still wouldn’t really be ‘Christmas’. It would have been just A.N.Other weekend in The Hills. The other option is for me to go to Dhaka for The Day, but again, it’s a loooong way for something that will, at best, just be a pretty rubbish imitation of Christmas.

Right. Ok. So. I’m staying in Rangers. In a one woman boycott of all things festive. Really, I’ll probably just forget to remember that it’s Christmas. Or maaaaybe there is a Christmas party at another foreigner’s house (not the lovely UN booze girl, but another UN man). If so, I plan to gatecrash that.


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