Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Daylight what? (Part two)

Following on from the debacle of the implementation of daylight savings for the first time in Bangladesh (here and just how much the ensuing confusion pissed me off here), the government decided on Thursday to change the clocks back to Bangladeshi standard time again. On the 31st December.

Again, a whole week has been given to let people know about this… I doubt the news will reach everyone in time. Which in fact might not be a problem, as a lot of people simply never changed their clocks the first time round. On the arbitrarily decided date of 19th June, the clocks went forward a hour. But apparently some communities in Bangladesh refused to follow the new time, as they believed it was a conspiracy by the Awami League government. We thought this was an urban myth, until we went for a guided walk through Old Dhaka and noticed that most of the clocks were still set to the old time. Which, come midnight on 31 December, will again become the new time. None of this manual changing of clocks for the folks of Old Dhaka, they have their time and they’re sticking to it. Which means that for at least 6 months of the year, they’ll be on the right time. Daylight savings in Bangladesh is to become an annual event, from 31 March to 31 October. You know, pre-determined, set dates like other countries. Not random, decided-yesterday dates like 19 June to 31 December. This is, at least, a step in the right direction. And changing the clocks back in winter does make sense, as 7am looks like this right now:

Cold, dark and misty

Did you notice there that the clocks are changing back at midnight on the 31st December? I’m trying to figure out if that means I get two ‘Happy New Year!!’ moments, or if I get none. Let’s work this out… the clocks go back, so at midnight the clocks change back to 11pm. Ah, so I’ll have two ‘Happy New Year!!’ moments. What a blast. On the night, we must remember to do the celebrations twice. This, I’m sure, is the only country ever to change back to standard time at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This will be an experience one can only get in Bangladesh. Along with so many other treasured experiences…


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