Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Is the time I was woken up this morning, by the sound of something chewing in my room, here in the VSO flat. Was convinced it was a rat chewing on the chocolate and biscuits I’d recently received from my sister. No, turns out it was wood termites in the desk in the room, going about their business of eating the desk from the inside out. They make enough noise that they can wake me up at 4:20am, with earplugs in and over the general and constant noise of Dhaka. You can actually HEAR them eating away, munch munch munch. Niiiiiice. Remind me NOT to store any furniture I buy in this flat.

Speaking of furniture, I’m off to find the reclaimed teak furniture place here in Dhaka. Part two. I tried this yesterday, headed off to old Dhaka with just a shop/school name but no idea of what area the factory is in (not entirely sure how I thought I’d find the place). Called a friend whose boss has been before (in 1982….) for directions, who told me to back to where I had just come from (Mohammadpur). Got out of the CNG, couldn’t find another one going in the right direction, caught (and was ripped off by) two separate rickshaws, walked the last bit to find out that I had originally been heading in the right direction (old Dhaka) in the first place. Doing things in Dhaka just don’t work out the first time for me, so trying again today. Armed with at least a basic knowledge of where I’m supposed to be going. Always helpful.

Still considering the haircut: part two. I’ll see how lucky I feel later.



  sankalita wrote @

Hi Estelle, my husband and I have recently relocated to Dhaka and are in the process of setting up house. Searching online for leads on where to get good furniture in Dhaka, I came across your blogpost on reclaimed teak furniture in Old Dhaka. We are really interested in teak furniture and we would be grateful if you could help us with the exact address to the shop/workshop where you got yours made.

  estellevisagie wrote @

Hi there. I’m sorry but I can’t remember exactly where in Old Dhaka it was, but it’s a pretty old Catholic school for boys called St Josephs. It’s a technical college of sorts where the boys learn woodworking skills etc. It is NOT St Josheph’s college in Mohammadpur, I made that un-fun mistake. I really can’t remember exactly where it is but I know it’s close to this Hindu temple (I wondered the area after going to the school and wondered into this temple). Sorry, I hope that helps.

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