Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


I feel like a baby hippopotamus right now. This is what happens when one swans around in loose fitting salwaar kamezees for 8 months. The salwaar kameez a.k.a jammies. It is like wearing your PJ’s all day, every day. Draw string trousers: not your waist line’s best friend.

Who comes to Bangladesh and picks up weight…you might well ask. The answer: most women. Men shed kilos like I shed sweat here in summer, it just FALLS off them. I’m guess it’s the severe beer rations in Bangladesh that does it for them. But most of us ladies actually pick UP weight. Which is achieved by a complete lack of exercise, eating oily fried food daily/hourly, and eating sweets that could melt your teeth there is so much sugar in them. And the salwaars, I blame the salwaars. They have a lot to answer for.

For the last few days while in Dhaka, I  rocked the jean pant look. Except my jean pant is now much tighter than last wear. Nothing tells you you’ve picked up weight like a 9 hour bus trip in suddenly tighter jeans. This was especially true of the return journey, after eating my body weight in mango bars and ginger Christmas cookies upon returning from the Space Cake New Year Party. Note to all: eating an entire bag of mango bars is NOT a good idea. Stomach wise.

And check this out, a gift from one of my sisters (along with Christmas cookies, Marmite etc. Amanda you rock). Is this the best t-shirt ever?


Gratuitous chest (and belly) shot







  amanda visagie wrote @

Ha ha !!! Love it – it looks cool !

  estellevisagie wrote @

Will look better once I get rid of the Bangla Belly. It needs to get a little warmer here before I can actually wear it. Expect first outing will be at the Bagha, you know given that it’s all tight and revealing (by Bangladeshi standards…). I wonder if the Bagha barflies will get it. No, probably not.

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