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After much frustration, and many (MANY) hours with and my frustratingly slow internet connection, I opted for a tumblr blog for my 365 project. Usually, I *heart* WordPress, but it does something hideous to my photos, rendering them all flat, dull and lifeless. Honestly. It’s not me, it’s them*.

Briefly considered Blogspot, but I hate their bulky, chunky logo and the general look and feel. Not when reading other people’s blogs, but when I considered it for my own. And then I came across tumblr. I’m very new to it, and I think it sits (in the social networking world) somewhere between full scale blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Their blurb is ‘If regular blogs are journals, then tumblr blogs are scrapbooks’. Cute. But Christ, when did this all become so complicated with so many ways to be ‘online’. I feel old. I might not ‘get’ tumblr all for a few weeks/months, but I like the interface and the look. And that’s enough for me.

So tumblr it is:

Kicked it off with a technically imperfect photo, which a) is I photo I just happen to like for personal reasons and is the best reminder of my day, and b) is a good way to start because then I don’t have to get all angsty when future photos are not technically perfect. I do angsty quite a bit with photography. Must. Learn. To. Let. Go.

But I’m not going to make THIS blog all about THAT blog. Just this post. Promise.

*There are apparently workarounds for this (I tried and failed), but with my current internet connection it would be faster to carrier pigeon my photos to WordPress, in the States (or wherever they are). Who has the time, patience or inclination for workarounds on a blog site anyway? Sort it out WordPress.



  Pam wrote @

Love love LOVE the 365 project! But sad that tumblr doesn’t let us comment (or maybe me just being dumb?) Xx

  estellevisagie wrote @

Yay, glad you like it PamPam. You should consider doing one, And it was ME being dumb. Forgot to add that feature back on after trying lots of different themes on Tumblr. Comments should now be available. x

  estellevisagie wrote @

Um. Or maybe not. Technical issues… bear with me caller…

  estellevisagie wrote @

Ok, I *think* I’ve managed to add comments now. All very complicated having to create a Disqus account to enable comments on Tumblr. Ok, it’s not actually complicated, but with an internet connection that allows for naps in-between pages loading sometimes, it’s complicated to remember what I was doing prior to the naps.

  Pam wrote @

Alas, still no comment option working… 😦

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