Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Why does the power always cut out juuuust as it gets dark here. The power outages here are a lot of things, but scheduled they are not. But lately, with these regular at-dusk outages, I get the feeling that someone, somewhere, is fucking with us.

Why outages aren’t saved for the middle of the night, I’ll never know. And what exactly happens in the power stations when the outages occur? Does Bangladesh just suddenly run out of electricity, and then 60 or 45 or 124 or 566 minutes later they manage to find some more tucked away in the storeroom, and then they turn everything back on again? Or is it just a bunch of guys on a power trip at the controls ? Or do things just melt under the pressure? Or is Homer at the controls?

Surely a country should kinda know how much electricity it has, and should kinda be able to work out the average consumption, and then should kinda be able to work out some SCHEDULED outages to compensate for the difference? Well no, not in the case of Bangladesh.

Not sure why this is now all of a sunburn irritating me so much. Power cuts in winter have NOTHING on power cuts in summer. It’s not the lights I missed then, it’s the I’ll-die-with-out-them fans. And because electricity consumption goes up in summer (fans, air con and generators -> lucky bastards) the ratio of Electricity to No Electricity runs at about even-stevens on any given day. And night. Plenty a night was spent lying awake, sweating under a mosquito net at 3am, cursing the very day I made the decision to move to Bangladesh. Thank everything that is good in this world that I don’t have to endure another full blown summer here.


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