Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

There’s always one

… person who vomits on every bus I’m on in Bangladesh. And on the Rangamati to Chittagong stretch, through the windy hills with a bus driver on suicide mission, there is always more than one. It’s just so pleasant.

Bangladeshis do appear to have the weakest stomachs ever. And make the most noise when vomiting. Much like the spitting, they really put their backs into it.

And now I’m back in Dhaka, having survived the night bus. Just for a few days, then onto Cox’s Bazaar for the annual VSO conference. Cox’s is apparently the longest beach in the world, and the pride of Bangladesh. Can’t say I’m expecting toooo much, given the Bangladeshi standards for ‘so beautiful’ and ‘amazing’. But I do plan a little swim, even though it’s winter. A bikini swim this will not be. Lordy, can you imagine the chaos if if a group of us foreigners turn, and strip off. I shudder at the thought. No, this will be a salwaar kameez swim. What fun.




  clive wrote @

Nope – that’s one experience I haven’t had: a salwaar kameez swim 🙂

I’ve nearly done the throwing-up business myself though – when I’ve been sandwiched standing arse to arse in a hot and airless bus, the side windows of which are too low to see out of, the front windows impossible to see at all, and I’m being thrown about as we smash over road humps, potholes and repairs, or swerve to avoid head-ons with I’m-effing-bigger-than-you-matey trucks, or brake viciously to avoid flattening the rickshaw we’ve been bullying for the last mile (I presume it’s there, there’s surely some good reason for the driver’s incessant horn blasts) – well, I’ve got enough good reasons for throwing up! And meanwhile, of course, I’m wondering if I can improvise a plastic sick-bag from my unreachable back-pack or if I can project my vomit over three heads to the nearest window. More than once I’ve had to hurriedly elbow my way off a bus in the middle of nowhere to avoid any awkwardness. Just thank God you’re not on a bus with me!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Sweet bejesus. Yes, thank God I’m not a bus with you! My bus journeys sound positively luxurious compared to yours. I get a seat and everything. And on my pretty luxury (even by western standards) night bus , I get a blanky and enough space to curl up and get some kip. Just what am I complaining about?!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Wow. Cox’s is going to be THAT much fun… Sigh. Perhaps the perfect time to test the ‘hide in a burka’ theory.

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