Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Random musings

Random thoughts from my day, while travelling around Dhaka, from Lalmati to Apollo hospital to Old Dhaka (agaaaain) and back.

– what percentage of Bangladeshis can actually afford the state of the art Apollo hospital? 5%? 1%? 0.01%?

– why are there always rows of people curiously looking through the railings of the Saudia Arabia Airlines building everything I drive past?

– leaving the house with wet hair, then subjecting yourself to a 1 hour CNG drive across Dhaka in winter is not a good idea

– Bangladesh’s Supreme Court is built in the shape of a mosque. Doesn’t exactly scream secularism does it.

– what would happen if the traffic suddenly starts moving while my CNG driver is still taking a leak by the side of the road into Dhaka’s ever flowing stream of piss?

– fellow volunteers have spent more money on their Bagha bills than I’m spending on my amazing table, chairs AND lazy boy chair. It’s totally worth it.


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      amanda visagie wrote @

    Lazy boy ??? Are you sure ??

    P.S. Think the Saudi Embassy thing is for Visa’s to work in Saudi. Think theyare big on employing cheapo labour from poorer countries. Apparenly Dubai’s financial troubles has meant 1000’s of unemployed South East Asian’s having to return home. Classic exploitment really.

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