Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Fun, but tiring

It’s all still frightfully busy this side. LOTS of work (accompanied by lots of moaning by me), lots of dinner invitations. Buddhist festivals, shopping, trips on Kaptai Lake, plus a cold. Equals a very tired Stella.

Of all the fun recently, the highlight was getting back from dinner last night, after rice wine, on a the world’s most unstable boat. It’s a little unmanned community boat, that just sits around on the water waiting for people who need it to a cross a section of the lake. It was a stumble down the river bank to get to it, a scramble up the river back on the other side, and a LOT of laughing in-between while trying not to fall into the lake. You have to pull yourself across the water with rope (no oars), which Tony had to do by the light a head torch, totally unaided by me sitting in the back slightly drunk, giggling and shrieking ‘If I fall in, I’m pulling a sickie tomorrow’. Just how we made it safely across is anyone’s guess.

Right. Back to work now. Another full day training session tomorrow. Man, I’m going to need a little holiday after all this work and social engagement.


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