Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

…and I’m back…

I’ve been a very erratic blogger lately. Sorry. Just been busy, and stuff (read: lazy). But I have now recovered from what some people might term ‘working hard’. It’s been such a long time for me that I almost didn’t recognise it.

Anyway. Looking at my handy office calendar (on which I mark off the days as I go…) I estimate that I have approximately 73 days left in Bangladesh (exact leaving date TBC). Which seemed like a very short time a few days ago, but now counting it up seems like a very long time. But it works out to only 10 weekends, or Fridays (as my weekends consist only of Fridays). So really it’s not long to go at all.

In other news: I’ve been invited for a wedding in a neighbouring district (Khagrachari) this weekend. Or I thought it was a wedding invitation. After many conversations with Memory, which ended in me calling Chanchu (my ED) in for translation, I discovered it’s not the actual wedding day but rather a cultural pre-req to the wedding day. In the Chakma tradition (this might be the case for all indigenous weddings though, not sure) the bride’s family visits the groom’s family three times before the wedding day to finalise the agreement to marry and discuss logistics (I think, but really I’m not sure what they talk about), and this weekend is the 3rd and final such visit. I’ve decided to still go, as I haven’t seen much of Khagrachari yet and I haven’t done a full blown ‘only locals’ weekend away yet (I expect lack of electricity and bucket showers… oh wait, that’s my house…). Any road, permission has to first be obtained from the District Commissioner for me (a very precious and super important foreigner) to travel, which is the main fun activity for today. Oh, and it’s the school’s sport’s day today. And tomorrow. Lots of fun. And dust. It hasn’t rained (as in not a drop) since monsoon time (um…September?) so it’s getting really dusty here now. Everything is slowly getting caked in brown.

PS I’ve used a lot of brackets in this post (don’t you think?)


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