Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Loss of basic skills…

I have volunteered to take photos of some of the students, for sponsorship purposes. Moanoghar is looking to get individual sponsors for children, in much the same way WorldVision or ActionAid do. Anyway, so photos of the little ones, plus their bio-data, is required.

So, taking photos and keeping a list of names that corresponds to the photos should be easy to do. Shouldn’t it? Yesterday I took 40 photos of new girl students. Had lots of fun in the hostel doing this. Got back to the office, and realised I forgot to write down the names of the students I took photos of. So I went back to the hostel, and got all the names. Got back to the office, and realised I forgot to list what class each student is in. So the hostel tutors had to come into the office this morning to go through the photos AGAIN.

This morning I took photos of some of the boy students. And I made sure someone was writing the list of names as we went along. Except I ended up with 94 photos, and the list ended up with 95 names. Where is the missing photo? Who knows. If I get one name-to-photo pairing wrong, then all subsequently name-to-photo pairings will be wrong. So now I have to go back to the hostel again to go through each photo to get the names right. And this is how I expect to spend my entire day today. Oh so very productive. But I do know that if I was sponsoring a student, I’d at least like to know the school can match their photo to their bio-data. Or that their very experienced volunteer can…

Lord. This should be so easy. But it’s not. I’m making this all very difficult for myself. Have I lost the ability to keep a simple of list of names matching with photos? Is this was Bangladesh has done to me? I’ve got so used to functioning in absolute and total chaos, that this now appears to be my modus operandi. This is not good. My success when returned to the real will depend on me pulling my shit together. Focus Estelle, focus.


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  amanda visagie wrote @

Jeez …. and I thought MY pregnancy brain was causing issues !

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