Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The village madman?

I’ve taken today, and the next few days, off work so that I can leisurely wonder around and take photos of my life here. I was originally planning to take my last week here at the end of April as holiday to do this, but luckily I realised that if I tried it then I would either a) melt or b) spend all day inside my cool house and refuse to go out into the sauna.

So I’m doing it now. I was out the door at 7am, wondering around taking photos and drinking tea until about 12-ish. Went to local Buddhist temple, and just up and down along the areas I usually walk and travel. Now I’m taking a little rest over lunch time, and will head out at about 3-ish to do the same again (because the early morning and late afternoon light is the best). In fact, I’d like my future life to involve an early morning and a late afternoon of doing what I love, interjected with a restful middle of my day. It suits my body clock and my energy levels perfectly.

Anyway. So when I was in the little local village here, drinking a coke and showing some kids the photos I had taken of them, I had a very strange encounter with one of the locals. I’m still not sure if he was drunk, or is not all there, or has just been itching to share his thoughts with me. Right, so there I was, relaxing and laughing, when he walks up to me, waves his finger in my face and shouts at me ‘your sexual life is not good, not good’. Well he tried to say this numerous times, and in numerous ways, before I could understand him.

Ja, just like that. My sexual life is not good. Tell me something I don’t know buddy… I certainly don’t need reminding of that.

I don’t know what that was all about. And obviously nor did any of the locals around me at the time. Perhaps he is referring to the morality of foreigners? Surely not my personal morality since being here, my record has been impeccable (or disastrous, depending on which side you’re judging from).

It was all quite surreal, and then he stormed off. I’ll keep my eye out for him in future, and perhaps make an attempt to understand what exactly his beef with me is.


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