Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

And I did it again

I exercised. Here exercise does deserve a blog post, because I do it so infrequently. I’m super proud of myself every time I exercise. So every day that I haven’t blogged about exercising, you can safely assume that I didn’t exercise.

Today was Davina’s Super Fit workout. Needless to say I am not super fit. That I knew already, but Davina confirmed it for me. Ta. But any workout that has both Run-DMC (…it’s like that, it’s just the way it is…) and Janis Joplin (…break another little piece of my heart now, baby…) on the sound track gets my vote. Music makes exercise so much more fun.

Any Davina McCall DVD is the exercise of choice for (female) VSO volunteers. One volunteers had a copy, which then got copied by the rest of us.  And recently a volunteer returned from England with a NEW Davina DVD. Maximum excitement. Oh the joy of a little bit of exercise variety. Well I exercise infrequently enough that lack of variety in the exercise arena isn’t exactly my main problem, but you know. Variety is always good.

But over my time here I seem to have transformed into the spazz in the class. If I was actually in a class, I’d be the one in the back bobbing when I should be weaving, with arms up when they should be down, on the step when I should be off it (btw – do step classes still exist?). It’s all a bit embarrassing, my recently acquired lack of co-ordination. In my previous gym life I used to secretly snigger at such people. And now I AM such people. It’s not good. It’s just another thing, on an already long list of things, that Bangladesh must be held accountable for. Bangladesh has a lot of explaining to do.

In other exercise news: My trainers don’t feel right. I’m so used to not wearing closed shoes, that last time I exercised I got blisters. From my trainers. How will I ever cope in proper shoes again? But good news, thus far I have successfully avoided being seriously hurt by the ceiling fan in my room while exercising. Obviously I want to directly under the fan when exercising (have I mentioned that it’s getting hot here now? Expect in future posts that I’ll be moaning about the weather. A lot). But, at my height, ‘hands up’ means ‘hands in the moving fan blades’. So it’s bit more of an obstacle course that I’d like it to be. But you, it’s hardcore out here in the Desh. And, for extra special bonus points, next week (when I feel a little fitter, and braver) I’ll be trying out my TRX suspension training thingy. It all looks a little complicated, and I must admit to feeling slightly intimidated by it. But a lovely volunteer did bring it all the way from England for me, so really I MUST use it. Must not wimp out. Must. Not.


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  amanda wrote @

Sheez, that made me LAUGH !! Now I don’t know if that cos I so identify ???? xx

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