Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The quality of Bangladeshi journalism

This news piece appeared in yesterday’s online and print versions of a daily national newspaper, the Daily Star.

It reports that 5 Bengali houses were set alight and burnt to the ground by indigenous criminals.

While in fact it transpires that 1 house, housing 5 families, was burnt in down in an accidental kitchen fire.

Which is a without a doubt a tragic story, but not the story that was reported.

Given that the political situation here is incredibly sensitive, and recent ethnic violence in the area resulted in (reports vary on this) the death of 6 indigenous people and one Bengali, one would think the journalist in question would perform at least some level of due diligence and like, I don’t know, check his/her facts before submitting this article, an article that was printed on the front page.

And that’s just another reason I barely read the news here. It’s not actually news per se, it seems more to be ‘what someone told me the other day, that may or may not be true’. Lord.



  Global Voices Online » Bangladesh: Yellow Journalism wrote @

[…] Visagie at Postcards From The Edge questions the quality of Bangladeshi journalism citing an example of misreporting of a ethnically sensitive […]

  estellevisagie wrote @

I just had to *ahem* Google the term yellow journalism. My initial thoughts were that it meant I was being racist (I guess it’s the word yellow that made me think that?). Anyway, now I’m happy to have discovered a new way to describe (some of the) news reports I read here.

  Julie wrote @

You know, your website is the only source I used for trusted news on Bangladesh. Will email soon. LoL xx

  Razab wrote @

Having read through your blogs, I must say you really had an horrendous time over there and as a Bangladeshi, I feel for you.

I have to also say that you perhaps did not have a good understanding of how many poor countries operate. It’s not ideal but it is what it is and one has to account for it and work around it.


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